My Journey

Fate Followed Me

My family is from Ghana, a beautiful country in West Africa. My great-grandfather founded the National Liberation Movement that helped Ghana to become the first sub-Saharan African country to gain independence from colonization in 1957. Leading others to freedom is part of my DNA. Finding my own path would be a challenging but rewarding journey. 

My Passions Lead to My Purpose

The earliest fantasy I can remember having was that I was so rich I had my own plane, and I would fly around the world feeding other kids. My parents preferred I become a doctor or lawyer (something more practical I guess). So, having a career in healthcare seemed like a natural fit.    

I went to Penn State University and got a BA degree in Health Policy & Administration. There wasn't one job I had after graduation that fulfilled me. Diversity and inclusion was not emphasized at any of these jobs either. My mental and physical health began to suffer. I wasn't happy, and I knew I couldn't settle. Because I refused to settle, that meant I had to make changes. I had to make my purpose a priority. 

I wrote down all the things I enjoyed. I developed a relationship with my instinct and learned to trust myself. I traveled to other countries, gained perspective and met some of the coolest people. Where I felt the most engaged and happy was when I was connecting and helping other people in their personal lives. I loved meeting new people and hearing their stories. Committing to getting to know and love myself gave me the confidence to make progressive change. I found my purpose in life coaching, and I absolutely love it. 

Continue Your Journey

I coach women who are ready to change their lives, take control, and level up their happiness. What will your life look like next year if you take no action today? Do you think you will find a career you love, have a wonderful relationship, or have a mind and body you're proud of? My purpose is to help you take clarifying your values so you can see your truth and live it, no apologies necessary. 

Make your purpose your priority today and become your own hero. Click below to set up a call with me, and let's get started!