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Michelle's Life Coaching

I help women create boundaries so they can achieve a value-aligned life with healthy relationships and living with purpose, without giving in to feelings of guilt to overcome a stagnant life.   

Thoughts that compromise our boundaries.

Do these thoughts and feelings ever show up in your life?

  • People rely on me, so saying "no" is selfish. 
  • I may hurt this person's feelings if I say "no". 
  • If I stay at my boss's beck and call, I might get that promotion, even if I have to miss out on family time. 
  • I don't want to feel guilty, so I'll say "yes" just this one time. 
  • If I say no, I might feel like I'm missing out.  
  • I want this person to like me (boss, new connection, colleague, etc), so I'm going to say "yes". 
  • I don't want to come off rude, so I can't say "no".  

Results of loose boundaries.

What issues are loose boundaries causing in your life?

  • You feel like you have to stick up for yourself often.
  • You don't have enough time to yourself to do the things you enjoy. 
  • You have growing resentment towards family/friends for putting their needs before your own. 
  • You're trying to live up to a standard but you don't have enough control over your life. 
  • You feel people don't take you seriously. 
  • You find yourself "stuck" in situations you don't want to be in often. 
  • You have few deep relationships and few people you can always count on. 

Your future depends on what you do now.

What will your life look like in five years if you don't set boundaries now?

  • You've fallen deeper into a job you don't love, with more responsibility, leaving less time for loved ones, including a meaningful relationship. 
  • You're still dating the wrong men, and you're starting to think you may never meet the right one.
  • The project you started (i.e. start a business) never got started because of the extra work and family "obligations" and now you feel like a failure.
  • Your health has declined, you've gained weight, and depression is setting in.

Some people spend their entire lives living for others, not making their dreams come. Not because they can't, but because they don't develop the mindset to block out the distractions, listen to their own voice, and live on their own terms. You do no-one favors when you people please. In fact, it robs the world and the people you love of your authentic self. 

If you want to contribute to the world, you have to be real. It's never too late to start setting boundaries and going after what you want. Why not start right now and get the most out of life?



Affirm Your Words Into Reality

The words we speak to ourselves shape our reality. Start your day with affirmations to help keep your boundaries firm and a more positive and successful day. Make a list of your own. Prioritize your affirmations, be intentional, and recite them until you believe them. 

I have decided and am destined to be happy.

I am worthy of the dream life I seek 

My mind and body are healthy. 

It's okay to say no. 

It is my job to make myself happy. 

It's not my job to fix others. 

I have the right to my own feelings. 

I am the heaven I seek. 

I know, I decide, I act. 

I am capable of amazing things. 

I am worth the money. 

The universe never stops creating, and neither do I. 

My full expression brings happiness. 

I am always evolving. 

I erase any age condition. 



Michelle participated in a panel discussion that recognized the complexities of Allyship, what it looks like and how to be an ally without having a shared experience at an intimate event at our school. She truly engaged with our audience with her transparency, humor, and expertise.  Michelle has a way of connecting with people on an organic level and imparts techniques and takeaways that provide useful tools to positively impact their lives. The guests left feeling motivated and inspired. We look forward to having Michelle back to speak in the future.


Michelle possesses rare and invaluable characteristics that allow her to achieve great outcomes as a life coach. She is able to ignite the flame we all have within us and motivate people to strive for things beyond what they think they are able to achieve. She helps people see their genuine ambitions and desires and break down any imaginary barriers that have been keeping them from reaching for those goals. Her ability to read peoples emotions enables her to adapt her style of communication compassionately in a way that her clients are most receptive to the message. As mentioned, Michelle has an incredible ability to read people and feel their emotions and thoughts. She's able to put herself in other peoples shoes, understand where they're coming from, and what you can do to help them if they're in a bad way. She does this in a way that never feels belittling or aggressive, but in a way that MAKES people want to do something. 


Michelle (and Privilege to Progress) is a very informed and engaging facilitator. She (and Melissa) conducted a very successful workshop that sparked crucial dialogue for my organization, I highly recommend her!


You know who you are and stay true to yourself in every light.  Even in challenging situations, your actions are reflective of your deep routed beliefs, and your commitment to be the person you aim to be. Through your evolution your confidence is unwavering, and that to me is rare.

You have a compassion for others, especially for those that need it most at any given time.  You genuinely care about the greater good, and this is becoming more and more heightened.



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