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I help women in their 30's reconnect with their dreams and truer self to take action towards a passionate career, deeper, more honest relationships, and more joyful life moments, and avoid repeating habits that keep them stuck. 

Affirmations to unleash your potential


Affirm your words into reality

The words we speak to ourselves shape our reality. Affirmations have made a huge difference in my life, so I am sharing some that use regularly. Make a list of your own. Prioritize your affirmations, be positive, and recite them daily. 

I have decided to be happy.

I am destined to be happy.  

I am powerful. 

My mind and body are healthy. 

I am the heaven I seek. 

I know, I decide, I act. 

I am capable of amazing things. 

I am worth the money. 

The universe never stops creating, and neither do I. 

My full expression brings happiness. 

I am always evolving. 

My faith is bigger than my fear. 

I erase any age condition. 


Sloane Waldman - Director of Parent Engagement Abington Friends School

Michelle participated in a panel discussion that recognized the complexities of Allyship, what it looks like and how to be an ally without having a shared experience at an intimate event at our school. She truly engaged with our audience with her transparency, humor, and expertise.  Michelle has a way of connecting with people on an organic level and imparts techniques and takeaways that provide useful tools to positively impact their lives. The guests left feeling motivated and inspired. We look forward to having Michelle back to speak in the future.

Eric Dziedzic - D&I Executive at Amgen and President & Founder @ CRx Solutions

Michelle (and Privilege to Progress) is a very informed and engaging facilitator. She (and Melissa) conducted a very successful workshop that sparked crucial dialogue for my organization, I highly recommend her!



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