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I coach women struggling with their relationships and career direction to be the hero of their own story.  I was the woman in Starbucks who witnessed two innocent black men get arrested and used my voice to speak up in the name of injustice. What I learned that day is the massive influence our voices can carry, that we need each other as humans, and that you can become your own hero.  

Click the "watch now" button below to see a short clip of my interview with Soledad O'Brien on her show "Matter of Fact". 

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Do you want better relationships? Clarify your values, communication & boundaries. Attract the right people in your life. 


Do you dread Mondays? Match your skills, values and passion with your work to have joy and purpose in your career. 

A woman with passion is naturally sexy.

Speaking Engagements

Global Citizen 10th Annual Beer Summit on Race Relations

I co-found the activist organization From Privilege to Progress, and was recently the special guest at the 10th Annual Beer Summit on Race Relations, hosted by Global Citizen 365 and the Reading Terminal Market. In attendance were 200+ people who engaged in group discussion and shared stories and ways in which to make our communities stronger. 

The organization was found after I witnessed two innocent black men being arrested in a Starbucks in April 2018. I called out the discrimination, the video was tweeted, and it caused a nationwide awareness of what racism looks like today. 

"The conversation: In the aftermath of the last spring's arrest of two young black men at a Center City, Philadelphia Starbuck's, discussion and action around racism is more important than ever. This local incident and the subsequent national media coverage is representative of other confrontations across the nation of black and brown people being harassed, arrested, and sometimes killed, merely for being themselves in spaces where they are not safe."

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Michelle & I have been friends for years and we recently had a deep conversation which lead me to seek her guidance. I have been having a tough time with my both my love life and work life. Talking this through with her inspired me to adopt a growth mindset. She asked me what my dream career is and from there we opened up about my love life. I made the decision right then & there to stop looking for love and focus on being genuinely happy.
A few short weeks later, I met the man of my dreams. I believe that it was through Michelle’s coaching that I projected a better, more positive attitude, therefore I attracted a better & more positive man. I was ready to receive it. In her words, “You were ready to vibrate higher, so you attracted better. You have him because you deserve him.”
I firmly believe in the law of attraction and a growth mindset. If you are having any issues, I highly recommend a few conversations with Michelle. Not only is she a great listener, but she truly makes you consider your life and your choices."


"Michelle possesses rare and invaluable characteristics that allow her to achieve great outcomes as a life coach. She is able to ignite the flame we all have within us and motivate people to strive for things beyond what they think they are able to achieve. She helps people see their genuine ambitions and desires and break down any imaginary barriers that have been keeping them from reaching for those goals. Her ability to read peoples emotions enables her to adapt her style of communication compassionately in a way that her clients are most receptive to the message. As mentioned, Michelle has an incredible ability to read people and feel their emotions and thoughts. She's able to put herself in other peoples shoes, understand where they're coming from, and what you can do to help them if they're in a bad way. She does this in a way that never feels belittling or aggressive, but in a way that MAKES people want to do something."


"Michelle Saahene posses the ability to help you become self-assured. You know who you are and stay true to yourself in every light. Even in challenging situations, her words are reflective of deep routed beliefs, and commitment to be the person you aim to be. She help you evolve to have confidence that is unwavering, and that to me is rare. Michelle has compassion for others, especially for those that need it most at any given time. She genuinely cares about the greater good, and this is becoming more and more heightened. Michelle doesn't let you accept only what’s in front of you, and makes you have an itch to continue to absorb all that is out in the universe and not be complacent. Whether it be topics like the animal kingdom, the best exercise band, or oppression your interest will continue to take you places…"


"Michelle Saahene makes people feel like they can open up to her easily. Catch more bees with honey than with vinegar. She makes you feel comfortable going to her for help on challenges.

She speaks her mind. She has a craft of being articulate and having educated discussions. She holds great confidence and leadership and chooses her words wisely. Michelle keeps your wheels turning that helps you stay well rounded."


"Michelle Saahene makes you feel fearless. She helps you to not be afraid to make your voice heard in the face of adversity. She is also not afraid to be the voice of those who are left unheard. She never gives up on you! When you have set your mind to something she won’t quit (with such eloquent strategy). Even when you know that it will be tough. You just do it because you know it will be well worth the wait in the end. Caring should be her middle name. When she see injustice in the world she wants to right the wrong. She feel so much and so hard that she wants to make sure everyone around her understands that a little love goes so far." 


"Michelle Saahene is honest and isn't afraid to be truthful.  She shares her thoughts, only when she feels it's appropriate/necessary. She can engage/connect with ANYONE.  She has the ability to bring people out of their shell, and see past their exterior.  Michelle recognizes qualities (good and bad) in others they may not recognize in themselves.  As my friend, she's helped me look at myself and grow by harnessing the good, and recognizing where I can improve."

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