The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of it's people.


Invest to keep up in an increasingly diverse world. 

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I am a corporate speaker, facilitator, and coach on the power and profitability of diversity and inclusion. I coach corporate employees and individuals of all ethnicities who are struggling to navigate in an increasingly diverse workplace. 

I am the Starbucks activist who called out the discrimination that lead to two black men being wrongly arrested in a Philadelphia Starbucks in April 2018. That situation cost Starbucks millions of dollars. Unconscious bias still plays a major role in our personal and professional lives. Be proactive to avoid  costly mistakes by turning a focus to diversity and inclusion. Communication and relationships will improve between employees and your clients and within your organization as well.   

Click the "watch now" button below to see a short clip of my interview with Soledad O'Brien on her show "Matter of Fact".

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Coaching Specialties

Executive Coaching

Who do you turn to when making organizational changes? Different perspectives gives a more complete view of possible outcomes and people feel valued. 

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Cross Cultural

Is your company diverse but lacking inclusion? This can affect employee satisfaction and retention. Employees are 3.5 times more likely to engage with a diverse management team. 

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A company's culture will determine it's success.

Speaking Engagments

Global Citizen 10th Annual Beer Summit on Race Relations

I co-found From Privilege to Progress, a non-profit activist organization, and was recently the special guest at the 10th Annual Beer Summit on Race Relations, hosted by Global Citizen 365 and the Reading Terminal Market. In attendance were 200+ people who engaged in group discussion and shared stories and ways in which to make our communities stronger. 

The organization was found after I witnessed two innocent black men being arrested in a Starbucks in April 2018. I called out the discrimination, the video was tweeted, and it caused a nationwide awareness of what racism looks like today. 

"The conversation: In the aftermath of the last spring's arrest of two young black men at a Center City, Philadelphia Starbuck's, discussion and action around racism is more important than ever. This local incident and the subsequent national media coverage is representative of other confrontations across the nation of black and brown people being harassed, arrested, and sometimes killed, merely for being themselves in spaces where they are not safe."

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